Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dial + Audio Offset

Modern sound card digital modes have introduced a layer of ambiguity when it comes to citing an operating frequency. Some operators quote a single frequency which means their dial frequency and assume an audio offset of 1 kHz. Some operators quote a single frequency that means their actual RF emission frequency. Others specifically quote their dial and offset, such as 7070+1500.

It would be great to quote just one frequency--the actual emission frequency--but today there is confusion with this. If a digital operator quotes a single frequency and we do not know that operator personally and know his or her practice (their personal favorite audio offset), we cannot be sure what is meant. So the only sure-fire way to remove all doubt is to cite dial+offset. Then we know for sure what is meant. We know that an unstated audio offset is not being omitted.

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G7USC said...

Hi Phil,
Have to admit I agree with this so much simliar. :)

Gary G7USC