Thursday, February 26, 2009

Google / Feedburner Mess, Please Update Your RSS Readers

As you probably know, Google bought Feedburner back in 2007. Recently Google "offered" to move my Feedburner account and feeds to the new Google / Feedburner. Since eventually everyone will have to move or their RSS feeds will stop working it seemed like a good idea. I pushed the button and all appeared to go smoothly and automatic. But it didn't. It broke all of my blog feeds, and since I maintain nine different blogs, it's a significant problem. Some feeds stopped updating, some began pointing to the wrong things, feeding comments out instead of posts, and other nonsense. It's a mess that I'm still cleaning up.

The Maya Paradise blog is now fixed, I think. The feed buttons on the Maya Paradise News Blog are updated and if you are a subscriber, please re-subscribe to the new feed before Google shuts down the previous feed system entirely on March 16th.


Tiffany said...

Hi I'm having issues too. My feed only updates at night. Do you know of a fix?
livingasmom (at) gmail (dot) com

ShutterSparks / KW2P said...

Well maybe, but you didn't tell me anything about your setup.

Is it a feed that you have running through Feedburner?

Did you switch your Feedburner account over to Google like I did?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then take a look at your new Feedburner feed and you'll probably notice that it's different from your old feed. Instead of feeds.feedburner etc. it's probably changed to feeds2.feedburner etc.

If so, then you have to change all your feed chiclets and other feed links you have up, and all your readers will have to change to the new feed.

Great huh? Not a real elegant changeover but that's what happened to me.

Once people started using the new feed the problems all cleared up. (My old feed was also only updating once a day after the changeover but the new feed URL works fine.)

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